Accelerating manufacturing companies' response to changes in society
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Matějka, P., & Válek, J. (2020). Accelerating manufacturing companies’ response to changes in society. R&E-SOURCE. Abgerufen von


Approach to production and production planning is changing and evolving over the years according market needs. As the last-known methodologies can be regarded as LEAN production and AGILE manufacturing, each of these methodologies focuses slightly different direction. The methodology itself does not mean anything unless people use it. From this perspective should be the next evolutionary step or methodology focuses on people, because people make the difference between an ordinary company and successful company.
Therefore it is important to focus on educating people and employees, because they are co-responsible for the success of the business. Education should begin in the field of production and supply chain process at secondary school, because their graduates are often employees of companies implementing new processes.
Therefore this article compares and discusses the methods mentioned, in particular, from the application point of view, and suggests some ways that can help their successful implementation, e.g. changes in vocational curriculum.

PDF (English)
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