Chatbots as a Learning Tool


Straková, N., & Válek, J. (2024). Chatbots as a Learning Tool: Artificial intelligence in education. R&E-SOURCE, 1(s1), 245–265.


Artificial intelligence is entering the educational process as a new element influencing both pupils/students and teachers. This article explores the significant use of AI in the education process and provides insight into the perspectives of both parties – pupils/students and teachers. As part of our research, university students were asked about their views and experiences with AI in education. This allowed us to better understand their wants and needs. AI is viewed positively if it enhances the learning process and does not sabotage pupils/students' personal interactions with teachers. AI will help teachers with grading and generating tasks, saving them time and allowing them to focus more on interacting with pupils/students. AI will help teachers with assessment and task generation, saving them time and allowing them to focus more on interacting with pupils or students, helping them to better understand the needs of the classroom and tailor their teaching. A key point is preparing teachers to use AI effectively in the classroom.
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