The motivation of Adolescents to Choose a Secondary Vocational School


Student motivation, School presentations, School promotion, Secondary vocational school


Šmejkalová, K., & Válek, J. (2023). The motivation of Adolescents to Choose a Secondary Vocational School. R&E-SOURCE, (s1), 152–159.


The authors reflect on the motivation of adolescents to attend secondary vocational schools. For adolescents, this step represents one of the fundamental career decisions. The intrinsic motivation of applicants to study is often interest in the field, employment, or financial reward. Other motivating factors for studying are the transport accessibility of the school and the difficulty of the admission procedure. Aspiring secondary school students are also motivated by the prestige of the school that offers them an educational programme. In addition to the well-known promotions, adolescents can also attend extracurricular activities (hobbies) organised in secondary vocational schools. The authors make their statements based on the opinions of primary school teachers and secondary school students who evaluate their motivation for education in their field of study. At the end of the paper, the authors evaluate and discuss the originality of the possible promotion of secondary vocational education.
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