Development of teacher trainees’ digital competence


  • Alena Hašková Faculty of Education, Constantine the Philosopher University, Dražovská cesta 4, 949 74 Nitra, Slovakia
  • Ján Záhorec Faculty of Education, Comenius University, Šoltésovej 4, 811 08 Bratislava, Slovakia


Teacher pre-service training should be an important arena for learning how to use new technologies in teaching. Fulfilment of the task to learn how to use new technologies in teaching is based upon several pillars. Two of them are represented by the answers to the questions use of which technologies pre-service training of teachers should be aimed at, and what expectations teacher trainees link with passing the subjects focused on development of their professional digital competence (or in a broader sense didactic technological competences). In the paper there are presented responses to these two questions resulting from teacher trainees` opinions to this issues. The opinions were collected within a research survey with the research sample consisted of 280 respondents (teacher trainees) from three different universities.