Material Didactic Means in the Educational Process


Szőköl, I., & Osifčin, M. (2024). Material Didactic Means in the Educational Process. R&E-SOURCE, 1(s1), 291–303.


Material didactic means (technical means and teaching aids) are means of a material nature and are an essential component of education and a means of achieving the goals of the educational process and are part of Engineering Pedagogy. They serve to achieve educational goals. They are part of didactic resources. A technical means as a material means that creates the conditions for delivering the prescribed curriculum to students. He is only an intermediary who performs a secondary function concerning the content of education. Didactic means are divided into didactic technique and didactic content. The didactic technique is a set of technical means. In our research, we focused on the content of the processed innovative professional text for engineering technology in dual technical education as an effective support for teachers. The result is the evaluation of the processed professional text for the subject of mechanical technology through the Close test. The results showed that the text is readable and manageable for the specified group of students.
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