Support for Novice Teachers in Secondary Schools


novice teacher, secondary school, interactive support, web portal


Krištofiaková, L., Hrmo, F., Szőköl, I., Paška, P., & Andres, P. (2023). Support for Novice Teachers in Secondary Schools. R&E-SOURCE, (s1), 109–116.


The article deals with the issue of in-service training and support for beginning teachers. It represents a project aimed at supporting novice secondary school teachers. It describes the outputs of the project and, above all, the main output of the project, which is an interactive support tool for beginning teachers - a web portal - created with the intention of supporting novice secondary school teachers when entering the professional educational environment.
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Copyright (c) 2023 Christian Spreitzer; Lucia Krištofiaková, Filip Hrmo, István Szőköl, Peter Paška, Pavel Andres