Key Competences of Students of Professional Subjects Using Activating Methods


Key competences, Vocational training, Activating methods


Szőköl, I., Pšenáková, I., & Benková, S. (2023). Key Competences of Students of Professional Subjects Using Activating Methods. R&E-SOURCE, (s1), 182–195.


Nowadays, it is necessary to use not only classic teaching methods be used in the teaching process but also non-traditional methods that can activate students to work independently and to find appropriate solutions to problems. At secondary vocational schools, the basis of students' education is teaching vocational subjects. Graduates of secondary vocational schools are expected not only to have professional knowledge but also the ability to communicate, solve problems independently, work in a team, and orient themselves in information. Therefore, teachers should include as many teaching methods as possible in teaching professional subjects, which will enable students to develop and improve key competencies. Our goal is to describe examples of several specific activating teaching methods that can be applied to teaching various vocational subjects.
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