The Influence of Innovative Teaching Methods on Student Motivation


Motivation, Activation, Factors affecting motivation, Teaching methods


Szőköl, I., Pšenáková, I., & Kováč, O. (2023). The Influence of Innovative Teaching Methods on Student Motivation. R&E-SOURCE, (s1), 196–203.


The paper´s purpose is to find the options motivating students in secondary schools to try to achieve more interest in knowledge and know-how. We have already known about some elements of motivation, but which one of them is the most effective? There are existing factors to motivate students, but unfortunately, we cannot manage all of them. We have tried not only to achieve how to motivate more but also have been trying in this article to search for factors which show our success and unsuccess our motivation attempts.

The paper also deals with the impact of innovative teaching methods on students' motivational factors.
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