Education of Future Entrepreneurs


Szőköl, I., & Kováč, O. (2024). Education of Future Entrepreneurs. R&E-SOURCE, 1(s1), 281–290.


The article deals with connecting theory with practice in the school environment. Schools are able to create, to a certain extent, an environment that resembles the real working environment in companies within the subject. It could be, for example, a vocational subject that is focused on the field of production and business. That subject can work if we establish quality conditions that are important for running the business. Ensuring suitable work equipment, technique, and technology, educated staff and suitable working conditions is essential. Certain factors influence each work environment, job position and function. They should also be part of the summary of topics for this subject. The article describes the essence of the accurate functioning of the class aimed at linking theory with production and business activities. The primary technical and economic knowledge of pupils is essential as well. That knowledge is the basis for the creation of realistic goals and their realisation within the exercise of entrepreneurial activity.
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