The EU-Project PARRISE at the University College of Teacher Education Lower Austria


  • Franz Radits
  • Elisabeth Inschlag
  • Gerlinde Schmid
  • Christine Heidinger


Since January 2014 the University College of Teacher Education Lower Austria is part of the EU-project PARRISE (Promoting Attainment of Responsible Research & Innovation in Science Education; Franz Radits and Elisabeth Inschlag, both biology teacher educators at this institution, work together with science teacher educators all over Europe (18 institutions, in 11 countries) in order to develop, implement and do research on innovative teacher professional development courses (TPDs) with a specific focus on bringing together science education and citizenship education.

This paper will give a brief insight into the theoretical underpinnings of the PARRISE project and into the developmental work carried out so far at the University College. In order to deliver a vivid expression of our developmental work we will report on the Mini congress “The Danube River – conflicts over use”, which was the final event of our TPD course in June 2016.






Schul- und Hochschulentwicklung