Social Science Dimension of Engineering Curriculum Innovation


  • Jana Matochová
  • Petra Kowaliková
  • Roman Rakowski


The paper deals with the humanization of technical education and other related updates of the engineering disciplines‘ curriculum based on interdisciplinary cooperation. The synergy of social sciences and engineering disciplines enables a complex view of the interaction of man, society and technology. Firstly, it accentuates the perspective of the human factor in situations where technical solutions fail. Secondly, it reflects psychosocial needs, and lastly, it predicts the potential individual and social impacts of innovation at the philosophical, psychological, sociological and political level. The paper is focused on the analysis of institutional and content possibilities as well as on the limits of cooperation of technical and social sciences in the development of the engineering disciplines‘ curriculum. The methodology of the paper is based on a monographic study of the intended innovation of the curriculum of the engineering courses at VŠB-TU Ostrava as well as on the document analysis and data analysis.