Digital Tools in Education


Bajúzová, M., & Hrmo, R. (2024). Digital Tools in Education: The Impact of Digital Tools in Education on Students’ Creativity. R&E-SOURCE, 1(s1), 4–18.


In recent years, as we have observed, digitisation has remained a consistently debated topic, especially in education. However, we believe that increasing attention needs to be given to the issue of students' digital skills in schools, the use of digital tools in teaching, the development of creativity, and other soft skills expected of young people in the future job market. These skills are becoming increasingly crucial. In this article, we focus on using digital tools in teaching at a vocational school and their impact on the creativity of a selected research sample of students. In the first part of the article, we specifically address the definition of creativity and the specifics of a creative personality. We briefly introduce concepts such as imagination, originality, intelligence, and critical thinking. The second chapter of the article presents selected methods and techniques that support the development of students' creativity. Based on the chosen topic, we highlight the importance of digitisation and the use of ICT in teaching and briefly describe selected digital tools. The article includes an evaluation of the creativity scores of the selected research sample of students at the beginning and end of the observed period.
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