Management of teacher education for safe work


  • Ivana Tureková
  • Jana Bilčíková


Education and learning in the field of Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) is a process of purposeful and systematic creating and developing the knowledge, professional capabilities, habits and skills, the formation of a conscious relationship, desirable attitudes and forms of behaviour of children, pupils, students and employees in relation to the tasks in the field of occupational safety. In school practice, this means to identify the boundaries of behaviour of the pupils, their observance and the predictability to recognize possible dangers. Education about risks, preventive measures as well as the right response in the case of an adverse event should be a part of the teaching curriculum in all relevant subjects. All this must be done systematically, age-appropriate not only in the family but also by professionally trained teachers. As part of the research the level of knowledge and attitudes of teachers to safety were evaluated at representative school by a questionnaire. A handbook was developed for teachers in the field of safety and the attitudes of teachers were compared by a questionnaire before and after its study. The results confirmed it is necessary to include safety in schools as part of lifelong learning of teachers and their preparation for this profession.