Electrical Engineering and its Aspects in the Modern Concept of Technical Education


Serafin, C. (2024). Electrical Engineering and its Aspects in the Modern Concept of Technical Education. R&E-SOURCE, 1(s1), 229–244. https://doi.org/10.53349/resource.2024.is1.a1258


This paper focuses on some aspects in the concept of teaching electrical engineering in technical education.  It is presented the issues of possible approaches and tools allowing to implement the teaching of electrical engineering in a demonstrative and entertaining way using contemporary means based on digital technologies. In this framework, the possibilities of motivating students are also presented and some findings from selected scientific papers, domestic and foreign research are also summarized.

The introductory part presents the issues related to the definition of subject or subject didactics of electrical engineering as a prerequisite for successful teaching by teachers. The next part is devoted to a research investigation focused on the application of new approaches to teaching electrical engineering in school practice, the possibility of linking virtual or augmented reality in a demonstrative approach to teaching, the use of online applications to solve electrical engineering problems and thus linking the practical form of electrical engineering with the theory presented in the classroom with the support of digital technologies.

The conclusion then summarizes the possibilities associated with the teaching of electrical engineering and the search for new paths that are common to both students preparing for the teaching profession and the students who will one day be guided by these teachers through the secrets of electrical engineering as one of the most important fields of human activity.

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