Subjective Perception of School Openness by Vocational School Teachers in Slovakia


Barnová, S., Krásna, S., Gabrhelová, G., Geršicová, Z., & Vochozka, M. (2024). Subjective Perception of School Openness by Vocational School Teachers in Slovakia. R&E-SOURCE, 1(s1), 19–27.


The proposed paper presents the partial results of a research study on the perceived quality of the organisational climate in Slovak vocational schools, focusing on the situation in individual self-governing regions in Slovakia. The authors attempt to confirm a hypothesis presuming the existence of statistically significant differences in the evaluation of school openness between groups of teachers working in different parts of Slovakia caused by regional differences. For the carried-out investigation, the OCDQ-RS scale by Hoy, Tarter, and Kottkamp adapted to the conditions of the Slovak Republic was used. The results confirmed the existence of differences in the subjective evaluation of school openness according to self-governing regions, which is an essential finding for school leaders, especially in the context of the leadership style they apply, but also for policymakers from the aspect of introducing measures to eliminate the existing regional differences in Slovakia.
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