Video Microteaching as an Innovation in University Students' Teaching Practice


Gabrhelová, G., & Vochozka, M. (2024). Video Microteaching as an Innovation in University Students’ Teaching Practice. R&E-SOURCE, 1(s1), 81–91.


Increasing the quality of undergraduate teacher training programmes and responding to the current needs and requirements are necessary in the modern world. So, DTI University in Dubnica nad Váhom, Slovakia, has implemented an international grant project focusing on applying video microteaching as an innovation in teacher training. The proposed paper aims to draw attention to the benefits of video microteaching as a suitable, effective, and attractive alternative to the traditionally applied methods of teacher trainees’ teaching practice, with particular attention paid to the necessity of preparing students for it. The paper presents information about a series of interactive workshops with experienced teachers carried out within the project, where teachers shared their expertise with teacher trainees and provided them with space to develop the knowledge and skills essential for delivering lessons and classroom observations. Also, the results of a brief survey are presented, where teacher trainees provided feedback on the quality and the content of the interactive workshops and expressed their overall satisfaction.
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