The Pathways of Young Migrants in the Educational System of Lower Austria: Identifying what Works
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educational research
inclusive education
school culture


Bachinger, A. ., Braunsteiner, M.-L. ., & Zarhuber, K. J. (2023). The Pathways of Young Migrants in the Educational System of Lower Austria: Identifying what Works: How can personal development and academic learning of young refugees be promoted, and social cohesion be strengthened?. R&E-SOURCE, 10(3), 5–26.


This article presents the results of a study conducted at the University College of Teacher Edu­ca­tion Lower Austria in cooperation with Long Island University New York investigating the fac­tors contributing to successful educational and social integration of young migrants in schools in Lower Austria. The study seeks to explore key criteria for successful integration and in­clusion of migrants. Following a qualitative research design, data were collected in nine group discussions with migrant and non-migrant students with diverse educational back­grounds, alumni, parents, and pedagogical experts in Lower Austria. The data were analyzed the­matically. Findings of this study indicate the important role of school as educational ins­ti­tu­tion and social live world in general, the attitude of teachers in facilitating migrant youth's cul­tural integration, social capital acquisition through friendship between and within cultural groups of youth, and biculturalism and retaining own cultural identity as the most salient fac­tors for integration and successful school careers in migrant and refugee youth.
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