Influence of motion activity on spatial orientation

Teaching spatial orientation blind using the new method

  • Brigita Albertová Rehabilitačné stredisko zrakovo postihnutých (RSZP) 05401 Levoča, Slovakia


One of the basic prerequisites for the integration of the visually impaired in life is the improvement of the system of orientation in the space, the creation of not only a two-dimensional but also a three-dimensional concept of the surrounding space. Affected people have the opportunity to engage not only in normal life, but also in more sporting activities. Due to the high development of modern technologies, these borders can be shifted in order to increase the confidentiality of the people affected and improve their lives. With physical activities, one of which can also be an orientation course using modern technologies simulating different sounds from ordinary life, it is possible to improve the learning outcomes of spatial orientation.The main contribution of this article is to provide the results of measuring the impact of sporting activities on improving spatial orientation elements
Research Article