Comparison of the results from the analysis of teaching elementary school students in the field of safety and healthcare in Slovak and Czech Republic

  • Viera Tomková Pädagogische Hochschule NÖ
  • Jana Depešová
  • Danka Lukáčová


The question of student’s safety of elementary schools, during the educational process or above it shakes in every country.  The motivation for all interested sides lies in the death statistics of scholar, carfare and other accidents of students.  From these reasons state institutions that are interested in inclusion of the questions connected with safety and healthcare of students, try to solve these problems with different means and forms.  One of the ways is the implementation of questions connected with safety and healthcare to the educational process of students. This report describes the insertion of education of safety during work and healthcare in the educational process of students  of elementary schools in the Slovak and Czech republic and it compares the results.