Three-state logic - trit

  • Jaroslav Kultan University of Economics in Bratislava, Dolnozemska cesta 1, 853 35 Bratislava, Slovakia


Information technology (IT) is currently using a binary system based on logic yes / no. However, many life situations can not be dealt with by the type of answer. This paper deals with the possibilities of using three-valued logic in solving many economic problems as well. In common life, many times the problem is to answer the given question by the answer yes / no. There is often a degree of indeterminacy in our responses. This indeterminate state can be confused with the third state of the basic unit of measurement. We try to replace the two-bit bit with a three-dimensional trit.The idea of creating a tri-state unit of information is not entirely new. The new is only an approach to its effective use, especially in the area of complex economic problems.This contribution is also an introduction to creating a theory that will connect the basics of fuzzy logic and the three-logic. Each of these systems yields a degree of uncertainty. By their active connection, it will be possible to create a new theory for solving problems of economy, energy, medicine, etc., where the problem is clearly answered yes or no.
Research Article