Support of Novice Teachers in their Transition Process from pre-service teacher education to working life: A qualitative study about the career entry in Lower Austria


  • Susanne Pind-Roßnagl Pädagogische Hochschule Niederösterreich, Mühlgasse 67, 2500 Baden


In this article a qualitative study is presented, which deals with the transition from pre-service teacher education to career entry in Lower Austria. The researched group are novice teachers in their first year of teaching, who attend an advanced training course, which supports them in their first two years of teaching in order to master and organise the career entry professionally. The aim of the study was to find out, how they experienced their career entry and how they are supported by colleagues and mentors in their transition process and job socialisation by analysing portfolios of development of 33 novice teachers and if there are interdependencies between the experiencing of the career entry and the received support. In the theoretical part of the article models of job socialisation are presented as well as the research stance about social support at the career entry. Novice teachers have to manage a lot of challenges in their first years of job socialisation, where the social support is of importance. The research findings show, that these teachers are supported differently by colleagues and mentors. From colleagues they are supported practically and form mentors professionally. There are interdependencies between how the career entry was experienced and the satisfaction of the received support.