Intergenerational Exchange: Connecting Learning Experiences Across Generations


Matějka, M., & Kořán, R. (2024). Intergenerational Exchange: Connecting Learning Experiences Across Generations. R&E-SOURCE, 1(s1), 165–175.


Intergenerational exchange, defined as interaction and communication between different generations, offers the potential for synergy between life experiences and learning. This concept represents an essential dimension of social capital and social learning that goes beyond traditional forms of education. Within this multidimensional phenomenon, intergenerational mentoring is required, where older generations pass on their accumulated experiences to younger generations, thereby facilitating the development of critical thinking and complex social understanding. For the effective implementation of intergenerational exchange, adaptability and flexibility of educational programmes and strategies is a key factor to ensure that the needs of different generations are addressed comprehensively. In this context, it is important to clarify that intergenerational exchange is not just a one-way process but rather an interactive dialogue that can involve different forms of learning, including formal, non-formal and incremental learning. It also includes aspects of social capital and promotes community involvement. This pilot study focuses on theoretical and practical research that explores the impact on social cohesion and mentions potential challenges associated with this process. It also analyses the factors that influence the successful implementation of intergenerational learning and identifies strategies for promoting intergenerational dialogue and learning.
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