Interactive Mathematics-Workbook on a pen-enabled display


  • Kurt Söser BHAK Steyr, Austria


Since five years I am using a pen-enabled tablet-PC in my maths teaching profession on an everyday basis at the business college in Steyr. In my opinion the stylus input is essential for every mathematician (formulas, sketches,…) but can be far more than just a pen. These pen-enabled devices are getting cheaper and cheaper and have reached the price tag of a CAS-Calculator. But with the power of a fully grown PC and all its possibilities there are many educational scenarios in the classroom.

In this workshop I want to show three things:
• I want to show how I use GeoGebra and OneNote and other tools in my everyday teaching and give some examples on how I use these tools to get 21st century mathematics into the hands of students.
• I am going to demonstrate the use of GeoGebraBooks, a free online platform for creating a collection of GeoGebra applets and every workshop attendee can explore the possibilities of GeoGebraTube
• In addition to that I will show the interactive Word 2013 Plugin of GeoGebra and its use for small learning textbooks.
To contribute to the ongoing discussion about the "new" format of textbooks, I am developing a kind of interactive, multimedia workbook (CC-BY-SA) on the basis of Microsoft OneNote (free since March 2014) with lots of GeoGebra-Applets (from, videos and other learning resources in it. The aim is to get a free, reusable and personal workbook for statistics and probability in the first place (more to follow). This workbook can easily adapted and personalized by every teacher and every student to make it their "own". It should be more than just a digital textbook. It should provide the teacher AND the student with lots of "digital" content for a blended learning model and give them the power of the stylus input to make personal annotations. In the workshop I want to give a short demonstration of the work in progress, start a discussing about my idea and get inspiring ideas from the attendees.