Integrate iPad Math & Presentation into your 6-12Math Classes


  • Tom Reardon


Take photos with your iPad and immediately model the curves with an equation or a geometric figure – on your iPad! Obtain and “play” over 1000 FREE interactive classroom ready activities – including teacher notes and solutions for grades 6 – 12. Participants will learn how to cleverly utilize these apps: Reflector, Splashtop, Dropbox, and TI-Nspire. All documents referenced will be made available. If you have one iPad or a class set, see how to use this power.

Learn the power of the different apps. See how to use Reflector software on your computer in conjunction with the Airplay app on your iPad so that you can wirelessly project what is on your iPad through your projector onto the screen or interactive whiteboard. Experience how to use the Splashtop Whiteboard app that will allow you to control your computer desktop wirelessly. Also be able to make annotations on your iPad screen that will appear on your desktop software apps. See how to utilize the Dropbox app and share files quickly and easily with colleagues and students. And use all the powers of TI-Nspire CX CAS in a touch environment with the TI-Nspire app for iPads. Dynamic Geometry, CAS, graphing, spreadsheets, data and statistics – integrate all these apps into one on your iPad. An excellent teaching and learning tool.






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