Computer, Tablet or Graphing Calculator


  • Lilla Korenova


Digital technologies have made their way not only into our everyday lives, but nowadays they are also commonly used in schools. Computers, tablets and smartphones are now part of the lives of this new generation of students, so it's only natural that they are used for educational purposes as well. Besides the interactive whiteboards, computers and laptops that are now widespread in schools, students with tablets, smartphones or graphic calculators are not an exceptional sight either. For math teachers it's important to know how and which of these digital technologies can be used during lessons. It seems like that each of the aforementioned technologies has its place and can be effectively used in achieving the objectives of teaching mathematics in secondary schools. In this presentation we would like to point out a few examples on how to use the computers, tablets or graphic calculators effectively and their specifications for various topics, teaching methods and teaching forms. With a few examples we would also like to present the opportunities lying in the application of digital technologies for educational purposes in mathematics.






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