Working with nonverbal elements using DGS in the mathematics


  • Martin Günzel


Non-verbal element as an independent means of communication plays an important role in the mathematics. We use it both ways - either to mediation curriculum content, or for ex-pressing content using non-verbal elements. Visualization using non-verbal elements helps to better understanding the mathematical problems, especially in geometry. Geometry practi-cally cannot do without visualization. The research on nonverbal elements and their interac-tion with human perception aims extensive research area called research on pictures. In this article we research on non-verbal elements in terms of their function as a visual representa-tion and the aim of research is determine how DGS can improve pupil's work with nonverbal elements. Research is aimed at students of primary school in teaching geometry. In this arti-cle we try to answer the question of whether visual representations help in the transfer of learned using GeoGebra program.






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