Education of Teachers

Students' attitudes and formation as an important part of teacher training


  • Andrea Jankovičová


In my paper I deal with the attitudes of students of pedagogical faculties to selected attitudes of school and social environment as an important variable that can influence the course of their undergraduate teacher training. Generally, attitudes are conceived of multidimensional, where their internal structure is made up of 3 components - affective, cognitive and conitive.
Attitudes of individuals are grouped into certain semantic units and form internally hierarchically organized groups. Which depends on the characteristics of existing attitudes and on the characteristics of people, their attitudes and their group membership.
The importance of shaping attitudes for teachers is increasingly coming to the fore today, at a time of massive development of information and communication technologies and the associated openness, free access to information, travel opportunities, the impact of other cultures, etc.
In my paper, the main objective is to contribute to the current state of the formation of the professional training of future teachers, by approaching the role of attitudes as one of the characteristics of students that can be applied in the component of pedagogical-psychological preparation through undergraduate education.