Solving Brain Teasers/Twisters – CAS Assisted


  • Josef Böhm ACDCA & DUG, Austria


Most of brain teasers can be faced using Mathematical Logic procedures. Therefore, using a CAS, which handles with Logic expressions, may help solving this kind of problems. The German weekly newspaper Die Zeit offers every week another brain teaser. Just for fun I tried to solve one or the other problem assisted by CAS. We will apply equations, Boolean expressions and other tools in order to solve the problems. We will also try to produce own brain teasers. As this is not an IT-workshop no programming skills are necessary. The tools will be provided. We will focus on the “mathematization process” of the problems. The soft-ware chosen for developing this workshop is our old and good friend DERIVE, the core of so many TIME’s previous Conferences. If possible we will use the TI-NspireCAS, too. The pro-cedures presented can be transferred to all other CAS, of course.