Training Teachers in Digital Literacy

Children as Digital Natives: Implications for Visual Spatial Functioning Skills and Teacher Preparedness


  • Kathleen Keefe-Cooperman Department of Counseling and Development, Long Island University, 720 Northern Blvd., Brookville, NY 11548-1319, USA.


Children are digital natives who have never known life without technology, while many teachers never experienced digital environments as young learners in the classroom and lack a personal reference point to look back on when teaching. Findings related to visual spatial functioning and young smart device users show a relationship between the two that carries over to the classroom setting. Techniques are available to improve training related to technology and pedagogical learning by looking at the teacher’s own cognitive attributes, professional factors, and personal characteristics. The Science of Learning approach facilitates the teacher’s ability to recognize and incorporate quality educational technology into the classroom setting. Understanding factors of digital competence will lead to greater success in the classroom setting.