Digital Competence Through Authentic, Self-Made Texts


  • Maria Bajner University of Pecs, Instutute of Pedagogy, 1 Rákóczi u., 7100 Szekszard, Hungary.


In an attempt to promote foreign language acquisition educators at all levels are looking for new ways to integrate virtual worlds into the curricula. Digital economy finds its way to the tech-savvy youth. Governments and educational decision makers are funding “digital platform” projects in an attempt to better equip the next generation for a changed world. Still, on the most part is it not efficient enough. The paper intends to introduce “good practices” in language acquisition where trainers and trainees of foreign languages in teacher training institutes together with children produce digital texts with focus on teaching the ‘Four C-s’ with special emphasis on pupils’ creativity and the pride of sharing the results of their collaboration on digital platforms. Although the goal of “preparing students for a global society” may seem far fetched there is no reason why innovative projects like PALM cannot take a key role towards its realization.