Education as a determinant of financial law development


  • Filip Hrmo Pädagogische Hochschule NÖ


The paper defines basic educational approaches in the field of financial law. It points out the interconnection of jurisprudence with educational sciences. The selected aspects of qualitative researching activity in education of experts of financial law are specified in details. By examining didactic knowledge in the legal domain, some of practical methods of educational processes are presented. It was confirmed that the active educational methods have come to the fore. When applying these methods, participants of legal education are actively involved into the legal process. The result is a strategy of legal education, which is closely linked with the strategy of educational teaching process. The elements of the implementation process of legal education contribute significantly to defining of the concept of learning and development of financial law. An important factor in the development of financial law is the cycle of the legal education, which contributes to the educational effectiveness of legal sciences.