Online Mathematics for Bachelor Students – it really works!


  • Andreas Daberkow
  • Oliver Klein
  • York Xylander


Many bachelor students incomings at Technical Universities of Applied Sciences have severe gaps in fundamental mathematics. These gaps lead to a large drop out rate not only in university mathematics but also in further important technical subjects like engineering mechanics, physics or electrical engineering.
After a test trial over three terms Heilbronn University has established a sustainable practice and assessment process to adjust the math skills for incoming students. This process is based on an online mathematical learning and assessment tool which has been developed by teaching and didactics experts from the bettermarks company. Primarily designed for German school usage up to the 10th grade, the online learning system was adapted to the university needs and to the integration into the university learning management system ILIAS [1].
The presentation covers all approaches that have been made to implement the tool at Heilbronn university [2]. A reliable mathematical online tool with a rich content and with an attractive graphical user interface, an obligation of students to participate and a well-structured service and assessment process are the key factors for a successful implementation. In the winter term 2013/2014, more than 400 students from 9 different study courses participated in the online math training program. Over 60% of the students recommend the mathematical tool and the related process to other students.
After more than 2 years and 4 terms of experience the authors are convinced that this approach is promising to lower the drop out rate and also to inspire the students for mathematical content.






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