The Derivation of Kepler’s three Laws using Newton’s Law of Gravitation and the Law of Force


  • Martin Kazda Jihočeská univerzita


Nowadays, there are a lot of studies involved in this derivation. These works are primarily based on the academic knowledge of mathematics and physics. Therefore they are suitable for students of technical universities.
My paper offers a simple, straightforward derivation which uses mathematical apparatus and does not introduce additional quantities. That´s the reason why it can be used in large extend in secondary schools. In the case of complex mathematical apparatus, as in the derivation of Kepler's Second Law, appropriate graphic mathematical software such as GeoGebra can be used.
It can be also used as an example of interdisciplinary relations between physics and mathematics. This simplified method may prove to pupils and students, what an appropriate mathematical apparatus applicable, while offering teachers and professors possibility to fuse teaching physics and mathematics as an optional mathematical physics seminar.






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