Teacher Interaction from the Perspective of University Students


Szabó, L. D., & Horváth, K. (2024). Teacher Interaction from the Perspective of University Students: Teacher Interaction in the Classroom. R&E-SOURCE, 1(s1), 266–280. https://doi.org/10.53349/resource.2024.is1.a1260


From our previous research conducted among teacher candidates, we could conclude that attitude plays a prominent role in the student's relationship with the subject, to which the teacher's interpersonal behaviour contributes greatly. For this reason, our goal is to examine the characteristics of the teacher's interpersonal behaviour from the teacher's and student's perspectives. Our research aimed to determine the teacher's interaction style from the students' perspective using the QTI measurement tool (Questionnaire on Teacher Interaction). The research aimed to assess how students see the teacher's classroom activities. In our research, we used the QTI questionnaire revised by Wubbels among university students majoring in English. The questionnaire contained 48 items. With the help of our survey, we want to examine what the teacher's interaction activity is like according to themself, according to the students, and whether there is a difference between the teacher's point of view and that of the students. The QTI measurement tool can serve as a valuable source of information for teachers in comparing their self-assessment with the student's view, which can obviously enhance their professional development.

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