Dance of Data in Pedagogical Research


Pšenák, P. (2024). Dance of Data in Pedagogical Research. R&E-SOURCE, 1(s1), 207–214.


This conference paper concentrates on the exploration of the interplay between statistics, probability distributions, t-tests, and the utilisation of the R language in pedagogical research. Statistics play a vital role in collecting, analysing, and interpreting data in educational research. The t-test, as a fundamental statistical tool, enables researchers to assess the significance of differences between groups, a common requirement in pedagogical studies. The integration of the R language, a powerful and flexible statistical computing tool, empowers researchers to conduct complex analyses efficiently. It acts as a bridge between statistical theory and practice, enabling the application of statistical methods to real-world educational data. This paper sheds light on the systematic approach to employing these elements, emphasising their practical importance in pedagogical research.
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