Teacher education: the key to quality education for future generations


Feszterová, M. (2024). Teacher education: the key to quality education for future generations . R&E-SOURCE, 1(s1), 69–80. https://doi.org/10.53349/resource.2024.is1.a1242


Teacher education is an essential requirement for ensuring the quality and efficacy of education for the younger generation. Competent and well-prepared educators significantly impact the growth of their students' and pupils' competencies, expertise, and knowledge. Therefore, access to professional and pedagogical training that adequately equips educators to confront the complexities and demands of the contemporary educational landscape is critical. In this paper, we address the current issue of preparing teachers with professional qualifications in the science discipline of chemistry. Teacher education encompasses a wide range of requirements, such as professional development, the use of information technology, and pedagogical training. Understanding chemistry is essential for the further knowledge development of the young generation and for preparing them for future career opportunities. This paper highlights prospective measures and solutions that can help improve the current situation in the education sector. Together, we need to look for ways to increase the attractiveness of the profession of a chemistry-qualified teacher and thus promote the interest of future student-pre-service chemistry teachers in studying this science discipline.

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