From Calculus to Dynamical Systems through CAS


  • Jeanett López Garcia FES Acatlán-UNAM, México
  • Jorge J. Jiménez Zamudio FES Acatlán-UNAM, México
  • E. Beatriz Clavel Diaz FES Acatlán-UNAM, México


Mathematics environments such as GeoGebra or Maple or Web resources, some of them mixed with MATLAB, can be used to improve the understanding of many mathematical topics, such as osculating plane attached to a particle journeying on 3D curve, limit cycle in Dynamic System, and even more basic topic as discover the behavior of the primitive function from the own derivate graphic. We will show a selection of this kind of applications in the classroom.
But not only CAS could be useful for achieving mathematical performance of several functions and its dynamic behavior. We, also, will show how a simple spreadsheet allows us to get the bifurcations diagram for the logistic function.






Short Lectures