Using computable Document Format in Teaching Mathematics


  • Jiři Kopecký Cesky Budejovice, Czech Republic


Interactive graphics is focused on natural senses and helps students to develop analytical thinking in the way from single perception and experience to general knowledge.
Computable document format (CDF) is a file format from Wolfram Research Company readable in Free CDF Player. This software contains Mathematica's core, providing algorithms for visualization in 2D and 3D and functions for computation on many topics. It allows to insert interactive graphics in teaching materials by authors simply and in a comfortable way. Such textbooks in CDF can contain interactive tools for inquiry based learning with no demand on readers' programming ability.
My research focuses on teaching statistics at university level in an innovative way. In this lecture I will discuss some possibilities and difficulties in using CDF for deploying math textbooks. I will demonstrate mentioned technology in selected exercises from introduction to statistics. The traditional approach to teaching statistics dominates in majority of Czech schools and this subject is unpopular among students.
Our course design gives the opportunity to work intuitively with advanced tools of statistics before their formal introduction.






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