Biodromal education of an adult individual

  • Mariola Krakowczyková
  • Jiří Pavlů


The contribution titled "Biodromal Education of an Adult Individual" is looking for an answer to the question of how to teach, lead and educate an adult in contact with other people, to explore the world of individuals, their biographical paths and their educational possibilities. Teachers and Andragogians are well aware that the knowledge of the subject of education contributes greatly to the process of improving adult education. Teacher / andragog has a question: who is my student, student - listener? In order to find out the facts, the authors can use their own questionnaire, which was marked by the acronym KO-UC. (In terms of meaning, the question is Who do I teach – in Czech language Koho-UČíme). It also emphasizes the importance and benefits of auto-education and is characterized by the personality of the pedagogue / andragogue and recalls the importance of Jan Amos Comenius - especially his thoughts about educating a man for the whole breadth of life.
Research Article