Developing media literacy with technical university students

  • Libuše Páleníčková VŠB – Technical University of Ostrava, 17. listopadu 15/2172, Ostrava – Poruba, 708 33


The paper deals with topics to help students of technical universities find their bearings in the world overwhelmed by information. It deals with the questions how and where to look for the truth and whether it is possible at all. Most adolescents enter adulthood with the belief that they want to “live in the truth”, not in the world of lies. But how can this belief be put into practice in everyday life? The article leaves aside the philosophical debate on the meaning of the term “truth”, and focuses on the practical side of the matter. It proposes to include in the teaching of social sciences the following topics: Why cannot one objectively evaluate information? Can independent media be distinguished? How do propaganda and misinformation campaigns work? What are conspiracy theories? How do you distinguish a factual information from an opinion? This concept of instruction can help teach technical university students not to fall prey to disinformation and to find their bearings in the confusing world full of information.
Research Article