Lifelong Learning as a Platform for Sustainable Development of Society and the Labor Market

  • Martin Adamovic Ul. Sládkovičova 533/20, SK 01841 Dubnica nad Váhom, Slovakia


The current period is associated with constant changes, with the consequences of globalization, with demographic developments, with the need not only to supplement but also to exchange information and knowledge. Education and the need to learn to become a feature of daily life. Flexibility in adapting to changes is becoming a necessity in the labour market as well as the social life in the Slovak Republic. A rapidly expanding economy, a significant decrease in free manpover resources, industrial restructuring and higher expectations of employers forcing people to continuously educate. Upgrading skills is becoming a prerequisite for the ability to maintain their professional mobility and to meet the requirements of the labour market. The process of lifelong learning as a modern global trend of knowledge-based society is fundamental to healthy economic, cultural and social development of the society.
Research Article