Positive School Climate – The Condition for High-quality Education

  • Jana Hanuliaková Pädagogische Hochschule NÖ
  • Dáša Porubčanová


The educational environment in  school represents an important role in acquiring new knowledge and practising of one’s skills. It is also important for the creation of social interactions and development of pupil’s individuality. It includes both class and school climate, which is its qualitative index. In the following text we characterise the social and the emotional part of the school climate; in the context of secondary school students and their aggressive behaviour. We analyse secondary school pupils’ statements and their evaluation of the school climate. We deal with the possible cooperation between the school and a family; as the high-quality cooperation takes part the creation of optimal school climate. It might also represent the prevention of pupils’ aggression . Success rate and the ways of implementing this approach depends on an educator, or more precisely, on a teacher. He, through his personality, is a carrier of positive values, character and volitional qualities. Through them he is being able to display empathy, congruence, acceptance towards his pupil.

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