From the School to the Working World – What the Teacher Trainees expect?

  • Bernadette Kövérné Nagyházi Kaposvár University, Guba Sándor út 40. 7400 Kaposvár, Hungary


The regular researches of education government show that the novice teachers – kindergarten or primary school teachers –, finishing their studies, have greater difficulties to find employment in the labour market year by year. Faculty of Pedagogy at Kaposvár University makes an effort to expand the aspiring teacher trainees’ opportunities in the working world. To help the students have a better chance finding a job after graduation our Faculty started specialized courses to extend future teachers’ skills. In this paper, the results of a survey will be presented which was involved among the students of these special courses about their expectations: how the new knowledge and the new skills would give an advantage for them in the working world.
Research Article