Transition in Education. Internship and Vocational Guidance Counselling for Educators

  • Pascal Perillo Suor Orsola Benincasa University, Via Suor Orsola 10, 80136 Naples, Italy


This paper presents a model of internship and vocational guidance counselling in the field of educational practices. The contribution intends to suggest the organization of an experience performed by the students as educators in their experience of internship, according to a framework that focuses on the educational professions and is based on reflectivity and transformative learning. The Introduction presents the theoretical and methodological framework of ‘reflective and transformative epistemology of professional practices in education’. Chapter 2 focuses on the rule of educators training for supporting professional epistemologies, considering workshops and internships as meaningful and transformative education experiences. Chapter 3 focuses on vocational guidance for educators, considering the practice of guidance for internship in the field of educational practice. Internship as transformative reflective experience is an experience of vocational guidance to support transition in education for educators because it contributes to support the development of attitudes and tensions of self-education.
Research Article