Infiltration of artificial intelligence in education


Kutiš, T., & Žilínková, K. (2024). Infiltration of artificial intelligence in education. R&E-SOURCE, 1(s1), 140–154.


The economic sophistication of countries, technological advancements, and the influence of social networks and the media on our lives all accelerate the development of artificial intelligence (AI), which is gradually becoming established in everyday life. Through applied research, we try to point out how easy it is to use AI in the student's life when processing school assignments, with the fact that the quality of the output is sometimes indistinguishable from real students' written work. The initial results of this study show that AI-created works within general education subjects are almost indistinguishable from students' works and also suggest that teachers' recognition of AI-created works is more complex than expected and thus opened a discussion on the importance of comprehensive education and support of teachers.
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