Language Competence Needs in Business, Management and Engineering

  • Zuzana Hrdličková University of Economics in Bratislava, Dolnozemská 1, 852 35 Bratislava


The purpose of a Business English course is to fulfil students’ work-related needs. Many first-year students of the University of Economics in Bratislava are temporarily employed by multinational corporations or work in an industry whose language is English. Apart from their primary needs such as using the phone, reporting to foreign managers or writing e-mails, they need to be able to read periodicals in English on their subject area and perform tasks typically associated with the workplace. A large number of them also has to read newspapers in English so as to keep up with changes in their industry. The paper aims to present the research findings of the KEGA project carried out at the Department of English Language of the Faculty of Applied Languages. It describes ideal language programmes for university students ensuring the acquisition of needed skills. Using LMS Moodle, it also demonstrates how students enrich their vocabulary by digesting large quantities of reading matter in English published in prestigious online newspapers and magazines. Qualitative research revels acquired formal and informal business vocabulary. In addition, the paper shows how to focus on giving domain-specific presentations.
Research Article