The Importance of Technical Experiment in the Teaching Process - Education in Highly Progressive Materials and Technologies


  • Soňa Rusnáková Pädagogische Hochschule NÖ


In the 20th century all industrialized countries need to recognize the essential role of theory-based technical education in the efforts of commercial and industrial competitiveness, and its main role in strengthening human potential. As the world's rapidly growing volume of public funds, entered into support-oriented projects in the field of high-tech materials, increasing the responsibility of universities and other research organizations to use them effectively. This is subject to the professional qualifications of investigators of these projects. Currently, composite materials are considered like progressive materials 21st century, they can solve many of the current problems with light, faster and more efficient materials, components and systems. We have to take full advantage of the benefits from the application of composite of materials, not enough for us just the research and development of new products, but we also have other professionally educated successor in the younger generations. And that's why today of great importance also have activities related to education and training.