Conceptual mapping from the point of view of the development of learning process effectiveness

  • Gabriela Petrová Pädagogische Hochschule NÖ
  • Nina Kozárová


The paper is concerned with the issues of conceptual mapping in educational process. The conceptual map, as the visualisation of the system of knowledge, decreases the fear of failure for learners, since it helps not only in recalling knowledge, but can recode information into a form which is easier to remember. This is why conceptual maps support learning with comprehension and block learning by heart without understanding mutual relationships. Creating maps, learners are able to use interdisciplinary connections through which they remove isolated knowledge and modify structures of their inner knowledge system. Although during the study each learner uses a different strategy, in general it is assumed that conceptual mapping will be more suitable to the learners equipped with good visual imagination. The research was expected to prove whether a concrete learner´s learning style, applied during mental representation of the learning matter, influences the conceptualisation of knowledge reflected in the conceptual map.