Instruction Videos for Psychomotor Skills Development


  • Jana Jurinová Pädagogische Hochschule NÖ


The paper responds to the unsatisfactory situation in teaching technical subjects. The paper provides methodology for making instructional videos as one of e-components of the developing multimedia educational aid (MEA). The MEA was intended to develop students’ psychomotor skills. In assessment and evaluation of the results achieved by natural pedagogical experiment, we followed Simpson's taxonomy. The author presents the opinion that with an assistance of didactically processed multimedia elements, taking into account the specific features of the content, the information and motivational functions, exposure capacity, formative-systematized, repetitive-fixing, control-examinable and diagnostic-didactic functions can be provided. Empirically, based on investigation, she proves that in the case of appropriate processing of such a tool, its implementation in the educational process will facilitate the transition from theory to practice, and support the self-study process.