Discoveries and research in educational practice activities - The acquisition of knowledge, practical activities in the teaching unit

  • Lívia Hasajová Pädagogische Hochschule NÖ
  • Mária Korintušová
  • Ľubomír Verbovanec


Investigation of nature necessarily belong to the elementary attribute of learning. Through research activities in their science lessons, for example. Mathematics, Chemistry. Students are given the opportunity to explore nature as a system. Observe mutual transformation and influence of natural storylines. The very kind of activity and investigative character education, allows students a deeper understanding of natural processes and regularities of processes. Science is its exploratory character -activity and teaching allow students a deeper understanding of regularities of natural processes and thus to realize the usefulness of natural science knowledge and its application in practical life. „Students need to learn a lot of information , so the emphasis is primarily on the quality of technology education and the use of new teaching methods and forms and means of teaching and learning.“ (Hrmo, 2007)